March – the epic month?

Perhaps epic is not the most suitable descriptor. Fateful? Unexpectedly life-altering? Significant?

Maybe I’m creating a bunch of hype about nothing.

I beat the sun out of slumber this morning so I could straighten my hair and look good for 1200 people I may never encounter again. Scholar’s Day – one of those big UTD to-do’s in hopes of recruiting only the best and brightest. At the time I accepted the invitation to speak, a Saturday morning speech didn’t seem like a bad idea. It wasn’t until I got the agenda and realized a) it was at eight am on a Saturday morning and b) I only had three minutes to welcome these parents and potentials and convince them UTD is wonderful.

Three and a half minutes from the time I took the stage (a night’s worth of chopping and cutting and editing my long-winded self simply couldn’t shave those last thirty seconds), I’m not sure that I did it, but I must have done something right because my university president hugged me afterward. Definitely a gratifying moment (and unexpected) moment in my life.

But it was during the words of my speech that I inevitably found myself reflecting over what the past four years have brought to me and the significance my early spring decisions made in my life – March 2008 brought my application, offer, and acceptance to UTD; 2009 secured an internship at WaterTower; 2010 brought my first run (and great learning experience) at office and, more importantly, the beginning of my relationship with my darling; 2011 brought, of course, the marriage; and 2012 will see our first anniversary, my last (and most involved) I Heart UT Dallas event, and who knows what else? I love the anticipation of adventure – the past four years have certainly created some expectation around this month.

Despite a revealing tear in one of my dresses (discovered minutes before I walked out the door to deliver this speech) and the shower curtain rod falling on me this morning, I’m looking forward to the adventure of the rest of this month. I hope that each day will bring as much joy as today has – in just a few hours, I had the opportunity to attempt to impact the lives of future students, learned a great deal about special education (my Praxis II exam is a week away! yikes!), and enjoyed the company of my love on a stroll around White Rock Lake in lovely weather.

One great day and hopefully 28 more (and then some) ahead.


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Hey, this is my university mall - don't you want to be a Comet, too?
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