Wish I knew

I have tried to find the author of this excerpt and I haven’t been able to do so. I first saw this on a beautiful painting of a man and woman that looked a little too similar to something else (but don’t we just see our experiences in front of us?). Nonetheless, it’s been on my mind a great deal. It intrigues me beyond words. … Continue reading Wish I knew


Life is always most real in one of two moments: when you’re running blindly with ones you love or when you’re given a day to stop and face it alone. There are countless ways in which today has been “good,” yet I lack the ability to keep the joy from slipping through my fingers. And I know full well why, but I can’t fix that … Continue reading Fallen.

Owl Eats Hare

Did you think that I was beautiful truly or did you just want this smile on your daughter someday? I’m asking with words and you never heard mine so maybe I should just tilt my head and give you “that look.” Every soft insecurity comes creeping on again, like dust on the breeze in the night smacks you laughingly in the eyes, blinding you to … Continue reading Owl Eats Hare